COVID-19 – changes to opening times

Welcome to Inverness Airport!

Following the strict measures announced by the Prime Minister and the First Minister on Monday 23rd March, we have been liaising closely with the Scottish Government and our aviation partners to ensure that HIAL airports can continue their unique role in providing lifeline services for our communities.

HIAL will continue to do all it can to protect the health and wellbeing of its staff, limit the spread of the infection and have the necessary resilience in place to maintain our ability to service essential and emergency flights.

Working with Transport Scotland and Loganair, HIAL have agreed to service a skeleton schedule that will ensure its airports can continue to provide lifeline, emergency and essential services.   This will ensure that vital flights, including NHS passenger transfer, the Royal Mail, oil and gas, and any required emergency flights can be accommodated.

Therefore, from Monday 6th April 2020 the opening hours at Inverness Airport to accommodate the skeleton schedule will be:

Opening Hours:

Mon 06:30 - 09:30
10:30 - 12:00
12:00 - 16:15*
16:15 - 17:15
18:00 - 21:30
Tue - Fri02:45 - 06:00
06:30 - 09:30
10:30 - 12:00
12:00 - 16:15*
16:15 - 17:15
18:00 - 21:30
Sat02:45 - 06:00
06:30 - 09:30
10:30 - 10:45
10:45 - 15:15*
15:15 - 16:15
16:15 - 21:30*
06:30 - 21:30*

Standby hours*

During Standby Hours, please call 01667 464024 – at least 1 hour’s notice is required to get appropriate staffing in place for any movement.

We also have contingency arrangements in place to accommodate emergency flights outwith these times.

We do not know how long these essential measures will remain in place but will update the website with any further changes to opening times.


Left Luggage Facilities

Inverness Airport currently has no left luggage facility.  The nearest left luggage facility is located at Inverness Railway Station

Hand and Hold Luggage

The maximum size for an item of hand baggage is 56cm x 45cm x 25cm, including wheels, handles and external pockets.  However, some airlines may only allow smaller bags, so check with your airline first.

Airlines may also have their own rules regarding the number of bags you are allowed to take on the aircraft therefore please check with you airline before you travel.

Lotions and potions…

Security restrictions also remain in place with regards to taking liquids, gels or pastes through security. If you do not need these items in your hand luggage then please place them into your hold baggage.

Passengers may take liquids, gels or pastes on board in their hand luggage provided they meet the following restrictions:

  • The liquid is in a container with a maximum volume of 100ml
  • That all liquid containers, meeting the maximum volume of 100ml, can fit comfortably into a transparent, re-sealable 1 litre plastic bag
  • The plastic bag should be presented separately at the x-ray point
  • Liquid medicines, baby milk and related products adequate for the flight can still be taken on board

IMPORTANT: Liquid medicines, baby milk and related products in containers of a maximum volume of 100ml MUST be held within the 1 litre bag.  Liquid medicines, baby milk and related products in containers greater than 100ml, but considered necessary for the trip, can be placed in hand luggage BUT will be subject to a separate verification process.

Liquids in containers of more than 100ml capacity can be packed into your checked (hold) baggage. Please visit for more information on hand baggage rules.

Before you arrive at the airport

  • Pack only valuables and things you will need during the journey in your hand baggage
  • If you are carrying gifts in your hand baggage please do not wrap them
  • Do not put lighters in your hand baggage – if you carry a lighter you must keep it on your person during the flight
  • Contact your airline or the airport if you have any questions about your flight or the baggage rules that apply

Getting to the airport

You should leave plenty of time to get to the airport, bearing in mind time of day and time taken to park your car and get into the terminal. As a general rule, you should aim to arrive 1 hour before your scheduled departure time for domestic (within UK) flights, and 2 hours before a European flight.

What happens at security?

There are increased security measures in place at all UK airports, so it’s best to allow plenty of time for security checks. All your hand baggage will need to be screened and you will be asked to pass through a security archway.

You may also be asked if you have packed your own bags. You must never carry anything on the flight on behalf of someone else. If you think an item has been placed in your baggage without your knowledge, you must tell the check-in agent immediately.

Security staff will ask you for:

Re-sealable bag of liquids – it will be screened separately from your hand baggage
Laptop, hairdryer or other large electrical items (these will be screened separately)
Coat or jacket, belts and sometimes your shoes.
Air travel hand baggage rules
As there are strict rules on what you can and can’t carry in your hand baggage – we recommend that you read the following information to help you pack and to avoid unnecessary delays at airport security.

Size and type of hand baggage allowed:

Hand baggage is luggage that you carry on the plane with you, while hold baggage is luggage that you check-in.
The Department for Transport has set the maximum size for an item of hand baggage as 56cm x 45cm x 25cm, including wheels, handles and external pockets.
FlyBe hand baggage allowance is one bag of the above dimensions up to 6 Kg in weight. Along with a laptop and certain other items. Please contact FlyBe if you have any questions, or alternatively visit the FlyBe web site –
Bags larger than those permitted probably will not fit in the overhead lockers and could present a hazard to other passengers.
Laptops and electrical items
You are allowed to take electrical items (such as laptops and hair dryers) in your hand baggage but they will need to be removed and screened separately.

Essential medical equipment

You are allowed to bring medical equipment if it is essential for your journey. The equipment will be screened separately and must be accompanied by supporting documentation from a qualified medical professional, such as a letter from your doctor.

Other Items

Pushchairs, walking aids and wheelchairs will be carried in the cargo hold, but you will be able to use them up to the aircraft steps, when they will be taken to put in the hold of the aircraft. These items will be returned to you at the aircraft steps when you arrive at your destination.

Dangerous and restricted items – what you cannot take on board an aircraft.

Oversized Items

Any item of hand baggage larger than 56cm x 45cm x 25cm will not be allowed in the aircraft cabin. It must be checked in as hold baggage, with the exception of musical instruments.

Musical Instruments

If you plan on travelling with a large musical instrument, it is best to contact Loganair/FlyBe before booking, as you may need to make special arrangements, such as buying an extra seat. Any musical instrument you bring with you will need to be security screened separately.

Taking liquids in your hand baggage

Wherever possible you should pack liquids in your hold baggage, as there are restrictions on the amount you can take in your hand baggage. Liquids include:

All drinks, including water, soup and syrups
Cosmetics and toiletries, including creams, lotions, oils, perfumes, mascara and lipsticks
Sprays, including shaving foam, hairspray and spray deodorants
Pastes, including toothpaste
Gels, including hair and shower gel
Any other solutions and items of similar consistency
If you need certain liquids during your flight, you can take them into the cabin in limited quantities as follows:

Containers must hold no more than 100ml
Containers must be carried in a single, transparent, re-sealable plastic bag, which holds no more than a litre and measures approximately 20cm x 20cm
Contents must fit comfortably inside the bag so it can be sealed
The bag must not be knotted or tied at the top
Each passenger can carry only one of these bags
The bag must be presented for examination at the airport security point
Containers larger than 100ml (excluding personal medicines) will not be allowed through the security point even if they are only part full. For the latest and further information please

Further Passenger Information

As pushchairs, walking aids and wheelchairs have to be x-ray screened and searched, we ask all passengers to be patient while these additional security measures are in place and to co-operate with all airport security staff.

General Information

NEVER leave baggage or personal belongings unattended in or around the terminal, as they will be removed and may be destroyed. Please be sure baggage checked in or taken with you on your flight belongs only to you.

Do not accept parcels or packages that belong to others (even friends), unless you can check the contents yourself. In the event of a passenger carrying an item for another person, this information must be declared.

Remember, never leave your baggage in the care of a stranger and always put your name and address on a label ‘inside’ your baggage.

When asked questions about your baggage, you must answer carefully and clearly. In the UK, it is now an offence to give false answers to such questions. Even the most casual remarks may be treated as a real threat and will brought to the attention of the police.

Check In – Online Check In

Those passengers checking in online will not need to check in at the airport check in desks. If you have hold luggage please take it to the check in desks.

If you have no hold baggage, please proceed directly to Security when your flight is called. Please ensure you follow instructions from your airline carefully, and have any relevant paperwork and valid passport/photographic ID with you.

Passengers checking in online are reminded that it is their responsibility to ensure they arrive at the Departure Gate at the published boarding time, and are advised to allow sufficient time to pass through Security

Inverness airport recommends that passengers arrive at the airport no later than 1 hour prior to scheduled departure time for domestic flights and 2 hours for European flights.

Passengers checking in online will be subject to the same security and baggage rules as all other passengers.

Check In at the airport

On arrival at the airport, passengers are advised to check the flight information display screens, located throughout the terminal, for the latest information on their flights. Check in desks are located opposite the main door to the Terminal building.

At the check in desk, flight tickets and passports/photographic I.D will be checked, ‘hold’ baggage weighed and labelled, and a boarding card issued.

You will be asked some security questions during the check-in process, please answer these completely as they are very important.

You will also need your passport/photographic ID and boarding card when boarding the aircraft at the gate indicated.

Inverness airport recommends that passengers allow a minimum of 1 hour to check in and pass through security processes for domestic flights and 2 hours for European flights.

It is the passenger’s responsibility to allow sufficient time to check in, pass through Security and arrive at the Departure Gate at the published boarding time.

Inverness airport cannot accept responsibility for any passengers that miss their flight because they did not allow sufficient time for the checking in and security processes.

Hold Baggage

All items of luggage larger than the permitted hand baggage size must be checked in to the aircraft hold. Hold baggage may sometimes be referred to as checked baggage.

Inverness Airport advises passengers to check latest details direct with their airline or tour operator.

Persons with Reduced Mobility

It is important to advise your travel agent or airline, when booking your flight, that you require assistance. This will ensure minimum waiting time on arrival at the airport.

All passengers must pass through a security check before reaching the departure lounge.

In order to make the transit through the airport as comfortable as possible for persons with reduced mobility, searches may be carried out by hand or by using hand-held detectors. If required, a private search area away from the main area can be provided.

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