There is a choice of short and long stay parking available which includes disabled parking. There is no maximum stay in our short stay car parks but different charges do apply. For SatNav our postcode is IV2 7JB

Inverness Airport Car Park - May 2019

Car Parking Information

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Premium and Drop Off Car Park

The closest short stay car park to the terminal building is our Premium and Drop Off car park. You can park here for 10 minutes for free, if you think you will need to park longer please see the rates below. This is also the car park where any blue badge holders can park with the shortest distance to the terminal building.

up to 10 minsFree
10 mins - 1 hour£4.70
1 - 3 hours£7.80
3-12 hours£12.60
12-24 hours16.00

Additional part days are charged as per the hourly rates above.

Short Stay Car Park
We have 2 short stay car parks in close proximity to the airport terminal building. This is the most cost effective option for durations of up to 72 hours.

Up to 10 minsFree
10 mins - 1 hour£4.10
1 - 3 hours£6.80
3 - 12 hours£10.90
12 - 24 hours£13.60

Additional part days in the Short Stay Car Parks are charged as per the hourly rates above.

Long Stay Car Park
Situated approximately 800m from the airport terminal building.  Cars parked in the Long Stay Car Park for less than 72 hours will pay the standard rate of £40.  Cars parked for more than 72 hours will benefit from reduced rates as show in the table below. These are the rates applicable if you have not booked your parking online with us. 

Duration Tariff
4 days£42.00
5 days£50.00
6 days£59.00
7 days£67.00
8 days£75.00
9 days£82.00
10 days£89.00
11 days£97.00
12 days£104.00
13 days£111.00
14 days£119.00

You can pay for your car parking at one of the payment terminals located outside at the side of the terminal doors or you can book online in advance with our online booking system. We would recommend booking online to secure your space as a limited number of space are available without booking.

Please remember to take your car parking ticket with you when leaving your car.


Book before you park

You can now book your parking in advance through our website. Parking at Inverness Airport is no longer available through any third party providers. This is the only way to guarantee long stay parking rates as at peak times and school holidays the long stay car park is often fully booked.

Discounted rates are available through Non Flex bookings and other discounts can apply with Long Stay and Short Stay parking depending on when you book.

We now have registration plate recognition in place so if you book in advance the barrier will raise for you when you approach it as long as you are at the correct car park and will do the same again when you exit unless you have stayed beyond your booking end time.

If you stay beyond your booked time you will be charged a daily rate for the overstay at the barrier when you leave the car park. 

Accessible Parking

Accessible car parking spaces are available close to the terminal building within the closest short stay car park.  See car park map.  

Designated call points have been installed in the main car park for any assistance required.  These intercoms will give you direct contact to the Information Desk team within the terminal building who will be available to arrange assistance for you. Blue Badge holders requiring to park on a long stay basis may do so in the short stay car park. The long stay charges will apply as above.  Blue Badge holders should take their badge and parking ticket to the airport information desk for payment and validation.

Car parking charges may be paid at the Pay on Foot machines or at the exit points by way of contactless credit/debit card or chip and PIN.  Anyone requiring assistance or qualifying for long stay rates should contact the Information Desk before leaving the terminal building. You can also book your parking in advance as a long stay booking within the closest car park and validate this with the Information Desk team on arrival to the airport by pressing the assistance buzzer on entry to the car park.

Walking distances are provided below:

Furthest disabled parking bay to terminal building entrance 107m
Furthest parking bay Car Park 1 to terminal building entrance 131m
Furthest parking bay Car Park 2 to terminal building entrance 160m
Furthest bus stop to terminal building entrance 86m
Furthest taxi drop off point to terminal building entrance 40m
Furthest check-in desk to departure gate 124m

Meet and Greet

There is a designated drop off and pick up area located within the Premium and Drop off car park closest to the terminal building. Drivers can meet passengers at the pick-up point in the car park or they can proceed to Arrivals to meet passengers at the designated meeting point.  The first 10 minutes of car parking is free of charge. If you are collecting a passenger who has a blue badge then you will receive 20 minutes free of charge which our Information Desk team can validate for you.

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