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With flights direct to the biggest UK cities including London, Manchester, Jersey and Bristol, plus international destinations such as Amsterdam, Dublin, Majorca and Italy - there are plenty of adventures just waiting to be had!

Be inspired to travel further and delve in to the far flung corners of the world! With great connectivity around the globe, British Airways, EasyJet, LoganAir and KLM will take you with ease to wherever you'd like to explore next!

Places to Visit in The World

USABuy Now

The USA is home to a number of cities and towns perfect for all types of holidays! We’ve included only a handful of where you can reach from Inverness Airport:

Miami, Florida – From £261 return.
New York City, New York – From £275 return.
Orlando, Florida – From £324 return.
Cincinnati, Ohio – From £286 return.
Los Angeles, California – From £288 return.
New Orleans, Louisiana – From £315 return.

CanadaBuy Now

The home of maple syrup, Lake Louise, hockey and even colder weather than Scotland!

Toronto, Ontario – From £267 return.
Vancouver, British Columbia – From £422 return.
Calgary, Alberta – From £437 return.
Montreal, Quebec – From 445 return.

MexicoBuy Now

Pure white sandy beaches, the best-tasting margaritas, rich culture and mouthwatering cuisine.

Cancun – From £328 return.
Mexico City – From £349 return.

CubaBuy Now

Cuban rum, cigars and music taste should all be experienced if you’re taking a trip here!

Havana – From £357 return.

BrazilBuy Now

Ever wanted to explore the rainforest? Or learn about Brazil’s great footballing past? Take a trip to the ‘Country of Football’!

Rio De Janeiro – From £464 return.
Sao Paulo – From £550 return.
Navegantes – From £668 return.

AustraliaBuy Now

Popping shrimps on the barbie is best done in Australia of course! Explore the Great Barrier Reef, enjoy a show at the Sydney Opera House and get to know the local wildlife.

Sydney – From £624 return.
Gold Coast – From £659 return.
Melbourne – From £666 return.
Perth – From £668 return.

MoroccoBuy Now

Pining after warmer weather, a camel ride or authentic Mediterranean food? Morocco might just be the place for you!

Marrakech – From £174 return.
Casablanca – From £373 return.

MauritiusBuy Now

Dive the crystal clear waters, relax on the iconic sandy white beaches and soak up the heat of the Mauritius sun!

Mauritius – From £620 return.

SingaporeBuy Now

The modern city of Singapore is one of the cleanest and safest cities in the world. Make sure to stop by the ‘supertrees’ – a stunning grove of man made trees!

Singapore – From £363 return.

JapanBuy Now

The Tokyo Skytree, Mount Fiji and Onsens are all iconic sights in Japan just waiting to be explored! Hop on the Shinkansen bullet train or wander under the many Cherry Blossom trees while you’re there!

Tokyo – From £433 return.
Okinawa – From £526 return.
Osaka – From £532 return.

ThailandBuy Now

Home to hundreds of temples and famous for it’s easy Island hopping and delicious restaurants, Thailand has plenty to explore!

Bangkok – From £378 return.
Phuket – From £494 return.
Krabi – From £528 return.
Chiang Mai – From £548 return.

Not confident you’ll find the best deal? Or want to hand the stress of booking all your holiday elements over to someone else? Pop in to see your local travel agent!


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