01 August 2019

Support for Hidden Disabilities at Inverness Airport!

Running the “sunflower” scheme

We’re proud to run the “sunflower” scheme at Inverness Airport! An initiative introduced to support our customers with hidden disabilities as they travel through the airport has helped a number people since we introduced it in May 2018.

If you’re travelling with us or popping in to the terminal, look out for the badges and lanyards being worn by our trained staff – they’re on hand to support discreetly should you ask. You’re also able to request your very own sunflower lanyard and badge when you come in to visit us or via phone (01667 464000) or email (infoinv@hial.co.uk).

Although you might wear one of the lanyards or badges we fully understand you may need no additional help – our staff will just be aware that you have hidden disabilities which might make transiting through the airport a little more difficult.  If you need any help at all, the lanyard will ensure our staff are aware that you have additional needs and appropriate, discreet assistance will be given.

Don’t forget we also have our amazing Changing Places room, which is free to use as a calm and quiet space. 

Header image: Brian Gray