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20 March 2019

New Airport Fire Service recruits already on the run

HIAL has recently stepped up its training provided to new Airport Fire Service recruits.

The initial, intensive phase of training is now provided in-house at Inverness Airport, enabling HIAL to specifically adapt the training to meet the needs of all 11 airports it operates.  With the new training course, recruits use the same fire appliance and the same kit they use at their home locations and the exercise scenarios are based around the recruits’ locations and types of aircraft operating at their airport.

Crucially, this means the period between recruitment and the assumption of operational roles is shortened significantly.  This has the dual benefits of the new recruits becoming valuable team members sooner and also enabling HIAL to achieve best value in training our staff.

The first round of in-house training ran during February for five new recruits – four heading to Islay Airport and one to Inverness Airport.  All of the recruits are now at their respective stations, and have had two further weeks of site specific training and are now fully operational.

The new course was developed by James Millar, HIAL’s Deputy Chief Fire Officer, who says: “As the training is now on station as opposed to with an external training provider, it gives the recruits the benefit of working with already established members of crew on an operational station, so they are fully aware of what to expect when they take up their new positions.”

Scott Morrison, an Inverness Airport recruit, is an electrician by trade but was looking to challenge himself and felt the role of firefighter was a good career move.

He said: “I really enjoyed my course and learned lots from the crew members at Inverness, and I am looking forward to going on the run as a competent member of the AFS team.”

For those not familiar with the terminology – on the run means being out and about on the fire appliance!

HIAL also offers a range of training courses to local businesses, community groups and individuals, including First Aid, Forestry First Aid, Fire Safety and Manual Handling.  For more information please see