Win flights to anywhere on the KLM network

MFR’s Final Boarding Call with KLM

This Christmas, MFR and KLM are giving you the chance to win the experience of a lifetime to (almost!) anywhere in the world.

Contestants are asked to “check in” and listen out for the final boarding announcements on MFR from Monday 27th November.

2 flights to any destination on the KLM network

They could happen at any time – and if your name is called you’ll have just 10 minutes to get in touch before the gate closes.

All winners will be invited to a live final at Inverness Airport on Saturday 16th December from 12pm – 2pm with chances to win some brilliant prizes, including 2 flights to any destination on the KLM network, flying from Inverness via Amsterdam.

You could choose New York, Bangkok, Dubai, Cape Town or any of KLM’s hundreds of destinations worldwide.

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